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industry expert & PHOTOGRAPHY EDUCATOR 

Wedding photography is an intimate relationship that thrives on authentic connection. Michelle places pride in her work, intention in her relationships, and value in her connections so that she can capture your day fully. 

Photographer + Educator
Speaker + Mother
Safe Haven for your Love. LGBT+ 

Be heard. Be seen. Be captured, perfectly. 

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"Before being engaged,I knew Michelle needed to be my photographer." 


While Michelle's story started out as an escape from corporate America, it turned into more of a heart and passion project. Uninspired and overwhelmed, Michelle picked up a camera and converted hobby into business in under 1 year.

Since 2015, she has had the privilege of building two photography businesses from the ground up, solely focused on capturing love stories of all kinds, of all ages, of all genders, in all locations. 

Photographing couples and documenting the power of love led her to teaching her techniques, styles, and process to photographers everywhere. 

With a portfolio of experience and a community of photographers, she chose to pour into other professionals hoping to strengthen the bridal community as whole. The goal, as she claimed it was simple: "Make it safe for brides to find vendors for their biggest day ever. People who care. People who want to support them. People who want the best for their couples." 

Today, she fills her schedule with equal parts weddings, equal parts speaking engagements and equal parts mentorship, all with couples at the very center of mind. 

In addition to couples, her favorite muses are her three children; Laila, JoJo, and Carter. 

perfectly captured

The city scape of DC, the oceanside of the Dominican, or the country side of Italy, no matter the destination, images will exude a classic, romantic, and authentic feeling. 

Be heard, be seen, be captured, perfectly.

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