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I Am Michelle Harris templeton


Professional photographer & Photography educator 

I am a professional wedding photographer and wedding photographer educator that focuses on creating amazing experiences and relationships with the artistic photography that I love so much. 

I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing clients from all walks of life on their wedding days. I started, like most people, with a desire to do more than the 9 to 5 hustle of DC life. I understood the risks of leaving the safety net of corporate America, yet I knew I needed to make the change for my health. That is when I discovered my love for photography and especially wedding photography.

The beginning

I am a mother of two gorgeous little girls! Laila is 7 and Jordyn is 5. They light up my life in so many ways, and are the reasons I do everything do!
Nathan, my handsome husband and best friend, came into my life and turned it upside down! Everyday is a new adventure with him by my side, and I love every moment! He also helps me shoot wedding photography and films!

A Wife + Mother

I was married on 3/31/19!

I have lived in Fredericksburg for 6 years and I absolutely love it. This city has the small town feel because of the awesome old town area that is comprised of 95% mom and pop shops. I can bring my dog into almost every store which is why I also moved my office to old town Fredericksburg a few years back.

Where I live

Fredericksburg, va

As you may have noticed, I have an affinity towards the color pink and this is why I named my miniature Yorkie Blush. She accompanies me almost everywhere I go while in her posh carrier. It is far too prissy for most people, but that's okay. She's my girl and I'll give her the best life I can. Call it Karma. I call it love.

I love the fur

my girl is named blush

They say that life should be a balance between your faith, your family, your work, and your social life. While I admit that getting out to social events with kids is more difficult than when you are single, I still love eating and drinking with my friends in Old Town Fredericksburg as well as discovering new sites in new cities and countries. All of that with wine. Yes, please.

Other things i love

friends, travel, food, & wine

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When You Book Me

When you book me to document your memories, you get more than my experience in wedding photography. You get a balance of personality and professionalism to lead and capture the immense number of memorable moments from your wedding day. You will have complete peace of mind that all is being taken care of behind the scenes by a friend you trust and not just an employee you hired.

I am passionate about creating unique art for you while elegantly telling your story which is why your experience will be great from our first meeting to when you receive your photo albums.

Michelle is amazing! She knows what shoots she wants and how she wants it to look, so she will not take it till it is perfect and as a result she always gives you the best pictures back.


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I document my weddings using the camera, and then I highlight my brides on my blog. Now you have an opportunity to see my work and to get excited about your big day.


She really took the time to get to know my fiancé and I. In return we felt very comfortable working with her, and she was able to capture photos that highlight who we are. Those are the types of photos that last a lifetime and that you're proud to having hanging on your wall.

victoria h.

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- Michelle

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- Michelle

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- Michelle

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