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Whether you are a bride looking for the photographer that you connect with or you are aspiring to become a professional photographer, let's talk if you feel like my collection of work and personal story resonate.


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Hi, my name is Michelle. I am a passionate wedding photographer focused on creating a unique experience for each of my diverse clients. I also help aspiring and experienced photographers gain skills that will propel them to become leaders in the field of wedding photography through my wedding photography education course.

My story begins and ends with the remarkable people that I have the honor of collaborating with during extraordinary life moments. I hope if you like my work that we can write our chapter together, as well.


Michelle harris

Michelle is incredible! 

Katelyn c.

She worked with everything my partner and I wanted. She just rolled with anything thrown her way and made it incredible! I highly highly highly recommend her. 

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Let me start with the ladies I love the most, my brides! I am head-over-heels in love with my brides. From their wants and needs to the fantastic visions they have for their wedding days, I have and need a deep connection with each of them.

The M Harris brides are not only looking for the best wedding photographers, but they are looking for the right wedding photographer. You have come to the right place if you want more than just someone to show up to your wedding, snap some elemental images, and end the relationship by giving you some photos. Oh, there is so much more that you will get from me.

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I put a high-level of value on my clients as they are the most beautiful people in the world. I buy into my client's spirits, demeanor, and, most importantly, their love for one another. I photograph weddings because I want and even have to buy into love. For me, there is no other way.

Memorable photography comes from experience and skill combined with meaning and passion. I genuinely believe that I must be a fan of yours as much as you are a fan of mine. Lopsided relationships tend to fade over time, and I am looking for clients that have the long-term vision for their lives in mind.

love each other

wedding  experience

Moreover, wedding photos should be more than just pictures you put in a box in your wardrobe and overlook for years. Genuinely artistic photography is the showcase piece that you display on your walls, the keepsake of your life that you send to your families for their homes, and the beauty which allows you to reflect on the occasions that matter most to you.

I develop long-standing relationships that will enable me to follow my brides through the beautiful moments that they experience. These relationships are why M Harris brides are my clients for life. Below, I'll discuss more on this novel feature exclusive to my brides and grooms…

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I document weddings using my camera coupled with my experience, and then I highlight the brides in my blog. Consequently, you have an opportunity to see some of my work and to get excited about your big day.

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Wedding days are but a brief flash in the lives of my clients, and yet I adore them so much that I aspire to keep our friendship healthy and connected. Seeing my clients grow into their new lives is why I offer the exclusive M HARRIS CLIENT FOR LIFE service. With this one-of-a-kind service, you can choose inevitable moments that you want to capture at no charge. There just is no better value out there.

Whether you are looking for family photography, anniversary photography, maternity photography, or any other life milestones that are sure to come, you will get your wedding photography enhanced with one free photo session every year for the rest of your life. This photo session is my way of staying joined to those that believe in me which are sequentially the people I love.

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Client For Life


Staying local is not my only calling as I have served many clients as their preferred photographer for destination weddings. My travel offerings include choices for family get-togethers such as distinctive dinners, group excursions, and more.

Plus, I will be there for you the rest of your days with my CLIENT FOR LIFE service which I include in all of my destination wedding photography packages.


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daphne w.

She has a great sense of humor and her love for her job is super evident. Her pictures are phenomenal.

I can't imagine my special day without her


Are you looking to develop your business into more than just a hobby? Have you been working as a photographer for a while now and you are looking for continuing education?

We are all in different stages of our professional growth. My education courses focus on applying photography techniques to building a successful business. Don't worry. I, along with our community of photographers, will be there to support you along your path.

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M Harris

SEE my process for weddings laid out







See past wedding images along with Michelle's comments on the couple, the venue, and the love she shared with them. Come back as posts are added all the time ...

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