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If you've been looking to grow your wedding photography business with proven sales and service assets, then you'e come to the right place. Over my career, I've developed phone scripts, investment guides, posing courses, and more that took me from a part-time photographer to a full-time success.

It wasn't always simple for me like it will be for you as I had to create these sales and service assets after failures, setbacks, and multiple iterations. You can take all my hardwork, though, and take your business to a whole new level almost instantly. The value my tools provide my students has been proven time and again.

Meet the loves of my life; Nate, Laila, Jordyn, Carter, and our sweet Yorkie, Blush. 

I’m Michelle Harris Templeton, the founder and principal photographer of M Harris Studios. I withdrew from the corporate world to pursue a better life, passion for photography, and serving others properly.

After documenting hundreds of weddings around the world, I have become known for my soft style and my signature Client for Life experience, where I stay with my clients long after their wedding day.

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My clients become an addition to my loving extended family. 

“STOP LOOKING! Michelle and Nate will not disappoint you! This duo will make all of your wedding photo dreams come true and then some!”


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MunaLuchi Bride

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Jennifer + EdWARD

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I photograph weddings to preserve memories that can be experienced with loved ones for generations. The photos of my clients' weddings frequently make it beyond the living room albums or wall decor and into major wedding publications. Below are some of my most recent featured weddings and inspiring engaged couples from around the world.


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If you are into my style, but the price point is not one that you are comfortable with, then consider using my other company Laila Chanel Studios. LCS is comprised of photographers that I have hand-selected, personally trained, and I edit their photos to my style.

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My Hand-Picked team at Laila Chanel Studios starts at 3,000

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My wedding collections start at 8-hour coverage, professional second photographer that I have personally trained, gorgeous photo album, detailed list of preparation advice and planning tools, all photos edited to perfection, and your complete satisfaction, guaranteed.

Prices begin at 6,400 with upgrades to include my exclusive Client for Life and videography starting at 8,900.


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