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       ecoming a wedding photographer in a sea of wedding photographers can be overwhelming. The bad news we often come to realize once we are in the business is that competition is thick, and many of us struggle with how to carve out a company that supports our original hopes of becoming a self-supporting entrepreneur. I have found, though, that we must embrace the community to achieve independence. 

         have been there when you are starting out and your bills are not getting paid yet you don’t want to give up on your dream. I’ve been there when you find out you are having a lot of positive feedback from friends and family yet no one is paying your asking rate for your work. I have been in numerous conversations with dear colleagues only to find out that we are competing for the same weddings and we turn into the competition. Oh, yes. I have been through the process of becoming a successful, professional photographer and it is eye-opening.

        am here, though, to tell you that there is a place for you in this business and I, along with other M. Harris alumni, will help you find it. We are a support system, unlike anything you have experienced before. We believe in building our business the right way which means you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on manuals, lessons, and excursions to learn about the basics of business. You don’t have to commit to someone else’s success only because you are looking for your own. Don’t feed that monster. Break away from the flock and become the leader and not the follower.

        y classes and services will help you become independent, successful, and a part of a community built on unique individuals. Also, you won’t have to mortgage the farm to get there. Let’s look into the services I offer and see which one works best for you . . .





By using this simple tool that I'm giving away for free, you will be able to save your time the day of your engagement shoot as well as almost guarantee that your images will come out looking stunning. It's so easy to use and it is my gift to you.

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how to prep your couples for their engagement session


Looking to start into the photography industry? Download this free resource that is designed to get you going in the right direction. It includes info on self-training, creating a business, marketing basics, and so much more.

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free resource for beginners


As wedding professionals, we can struggle with how much to charge our clients. Many of us feel bad for charging what other photographers charge which is why I created this resource to help validate your value with higher pricing. Check it out.

5 Reasons to Raise your prices

free resource for the novice

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hustle 'til your haters ask if you're hiring

Want to learn how to become a professional photographer and quit your 9-to-5? Maybe your business is already doing well, but you have not determined how to break through the six-figure ceiling. Or, perhaps you like working with a support community. Then this course is for you. 

My weekly online videos series will help make you money, generate more inquires, and book more weddings. And isn't that what the hustle is all about? I upload a new video each week so your hustler's handbook will always be expanding to help you dominate your competition.

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I would absolutely recommend this to my friends! The experience and the knowledge I got is invaluable and I don’t think I would find that with anyone else other than Michelle.

Robin s.

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one-on-one master class

If you are already a professional photographer and you are looking for the next step in growing your business past the six-figure ceiling, then this is your class. We will work in a granular-focused environment organized around finding your ideal clients that are willing to pay your asking rate, structuring your services to deliver what affluent clients expect, and developing your business in such a way that you ooze professionalism. 

I designed this course for existing professional photographers that already have a strong understanding of their camera and its features. Since we will hit the ground running on advanced business techniques, you will need to be prepared to talk about your own business to the best of your ability. Feel confident that you will get much better at this aspect by the end of the Master Class.

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Michelle is incredible! She worked with everything my partner and I wanted. She just rolled with anything thrown her way and make it incredible! I highly highly highly recommend her. 

Katelyn c.

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This phone call isn't just any 15-minute conversation that saves you money on insurance. (If you know me, that has a bit more meaning than just the joke.) No, I'm all about using my time efficiently, and I get a significant amount done during this time. This consultation is about using a small amount of time to determine which education option works best for your specific needs as well as a quick meeting of personalities. This phone call is a high starting point for those trying to figure out which way to go from their current status.

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